Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Book Review: Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow by Jeremy P. Boggess

In our world today there are monumental and exponential changes occurring. These changes are happening not just in the local, international, and global arenas, but even within ourselves. Looking at ourselves, our governments, our societies, humanity, and the world in general, many questions and concerns may come to mind. Let us explore these, and discuss our responsibilities and the necessary actions that will help guide us into our future. It is important to look beyond isolationism or globalization. There are many different contributing factors to our immediate surroundings, the cultures we live in, and the changing situations that all humanity shares. And there are also many different forms of cause and effect at work. We must examine all of humanity, from the various cultures and sub-cultures that exist to our individual selves. The purpose of this book is to have you ask a variety of engaging questions, both of yourself and about the world around you. I want to help you explore these deep questions so you can find answers that will ultimately help you survive the intense upheavals of today.

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Have you ever thought about this planet? Our future as a human being? Jeremy P. Boggess has contemplated it all within his book. He grips us, the world as we are presently, then subsequently discusses what will happen if we continue down this path we are taking. Will it end in our destruction? Do we entertain hope? Boggess advises us, hence, the title of his book that we can by “Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow.” Boggess captures our world and dissects it piece by piece splicing in the actions we can take to correct our social and global concerns. We can BE better. Not purely for ourselves but for society wise too. Boggess hints that a better world can start with just one person doing the right thing. Taking that against all odds stand.

Boggess writes with thought-provoking ease, yet letting us know this is purely his overall view. Yet his insight produces you think. This book is a highly recommended read especially if global socialism and world politics are your passions of interest.


Ever since Jeremy Boggess was a small child, he has felt that there would be a chain of events set in motion and that his task would be to help us all through those changes.

He was born in 1971 in the United States of America, and in 2016 moved to Europe. In the 2000s he ran for the Idaho Senate several times as an independent with a desire to make a positive contribution to the lives of people. In 2008, while running for office, he self-published his first book of philosophical observations, Thoughts & Responsibilities. He graduated from Boise State University and Lewis-Clark State College with business degrees. Additionally, since childhood, he has studied philosophy and sociology because of his concern for the future of humankind.

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