Friday, June 22, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Glenys, The Cartographer’s Daughter A Romance Novella by Ronda Eileen Henry

This story is set in the fictional medieval-like Kingdom of Penruddock.

Glenys is thirty-three years old, a widow, and the mother of a sixteen-year-old son. Her father, Master Glendower, is a cartographer of great renown. Called to a meeting in the Royal Palace with Prince Adelard, the heir to the throne, regarding a royal commission to make drawings of the boundaries between the six traditional regions of Penruddock, Glenys meets a tall, handsome, forty-year-old widowed officer of the Palace Guards named Captain Lewin. He's to accompany them on their travels. Unbeknownst to Glenys, Captain Lewin is looking for a wife and settles on her. Sparks will fly, but what will come of them, especially when the Captain's almost sixteen-year-old daughter joins them?

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If you're a lover wholesome romance novellas with a bit of taboo then you will enjoy Glenys, The Cartographer’s Daughter. Henry does an excellent job in story-telling and is a master of creating strong women characters without them losing one OUNCE of femininity that makes them a lady. I love that her women characters are ever much a lady but will kick your arse if you mistake that for weakness. That is our leading lady Glenys in this charming double-decker romance novella. Why do I say double decker? Well, read the book to find out. Glenys female empowerment though almost lost the love altogether. That is until the Captain’s daughter joins the group and that is when the true sparks fly and confusing things happen, but you then remind yourself back in those days they did those things.

I was riveted!

My rating is *****5 stars I was engrossed!


Ronnda Eileen Henry is originally from Michigan and was raised in California and Virginia. She read a lot of history, biography, science fiction, and Regency romances when she was young, and her two favorite authors are Jane Austen and Aleksandra Layland. She has the heart of a romantic, and believes romance is for people of any age. Sweet romance is her favorite, whether it's for a teenager or a person in middle age.
Retired now, she lives in Florida.

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