Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wow I Got Fans!

When I started on this writing journey I never did expect to get famous. I didnt want to be either. I wanted to be a writer for my job, my career. I wanted to write because this is my love my passion. I never expected to be well known, or a Pulitzer Prize winner or to even be in the New York Best Sellers list. That was not why I decided to write. I write because I love it. I write because maybe I have stories to share, and knowledge hidden inside me to pass on. One thing you got to know though is if you DO become a writer It can happen.

I have fans!

This is still a bit strange to me. I do randomly get emails, and comments from people who have read my articles and enjoyed my work. I have even gotten a comments on my beloved Angelic Confessions novella about how they love the story, it hooked then, they can't wait for it to come out. I of recent got another one of those emails. I then got a request that someone wanted me to write a script for them. Then another request if I could ghost write a novel for them. I had young writers who read an article I shared in writing and they wanted MY OPINION on a story they were writing with a friend. WHOA! I am just a lowly writer here if they only knew how hard this is and my paycheck really does not pay all the bills here. I'm not a success really so how can I accept this praise or give advice? Sure I have my own writing business, and I get paid to write. I still haven't found a publisher for my novella though I have come so close so many times. Starting to wonder if I ever will. The subject matter is a bit risque, so I guess probably no agent or publisher would want to take a risk except for Dorrance Publishing who keeps hassling me to publish with them or their sister company Rose Dog. Of course I would PAY them to publish my book so why not hassle me to publish with them. Some days I want to throw in the towel. Then I get emails from my fans, supporters, fellow young writers. This is why I continue on. Not only do I write for me I write for others more so. I write to inform them, entertain them, tomake them laugh, make them THINK! So to my fans, friends, supporters thank you. I love this business I love the written word! I can't leave it not not ever it has my heart and soul. WRITE ON ALL!