Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Pleasure and Pain of Writing

I have done it! I finally have published my labor of love book Angelic Confessions!

It is all surreal and only fellow writers probably can understand the tumble of emotions that are flowing through me right now. Millions of people self publish books every day so it no big thing right?

Well for us writers, and me especially this is a BIG deal. The biggest thing in my life. It has been the most pleasurable thing in my life, and the most painfully joyful thing in my life.
 I will tell you why.

When I decided to write my mom was amazingly behind me. In truth  she liked it would keep me at home, which gave me more time to take care of her. She even offered to be my editor after I had managed to take a writing course at our local college. We all had to bring a sample of our work. I brought my sample of "Angelic Confessions" which was called "Sacred Angels" at that time. It was planned on being a comic book actually. After I read my sample the teacher goes "You know what your doing don't you?"
I was all "Yeah I guess." But I had studied the art of comic book script writing I was not aimlessly writing.

After class I told my mom  this. I think it made her curious in what was in her daughters imagination.

I was hesitant though for my writing was the window to my soul. My writing is where I laid naked, and everything was bare. Did I want my mom to see my soul? See my joy, my pain, my pleasure? In the end I let my mom be my editor to which she became my biggest fan, and supporter. When my mom passed away I did not think I could ever write again. I then thanks to a friend who was starting on writing her own book reminded me of myself and my love and passion I had for writing.  And she would of never thought of attempting writing if it wasn't for me. I amazingly inspired others to write themselves!

Now finally the book is done and it is a bittersweet moment. I wondered is my mom looking down on me. Is she proud? I'd like to think so.