Monday, May 7, 2012

The Finicky Writer

Are you a Finicky Writer? I think I am a Finicky Writer. It seems to of taken forever to get my book Angelic Confessions to be just right. It first started out to be a comic book and was written in script form. Then it changed over to be an actual book. I did self publish the story under another name and even had two people buy a copy. Problem was the book was horribly filled with grammar issues. I had an editor, but I did not edit the editor. Everyone knows that even after the editor edits you are to go over the proofs once again making sure everything is as perfect as it can get. It was a learning experience let me tell you that.

I took it off the market and totally re vamped the book. I then thought I was done and tried to market it again. I was happy no one really took a bite because I was still unhappy with it. I had let it rest a bit then decided to check it over for some reason. I discovered again I was not happy with the book. It went through the editing board again, then again.  I am like what is going on! Will I ever be happy with this book? Will it every see the light of day?

Is this a common trait among writers? Are writers finicky people? I think they are especially of their own work. I mean each book, or article we write is filled with our love, our passion, our pain, blood, sweat, and tears! Yes everything even if we are writing an article on adult diapers, or how to screw in a light bulb we are putting passion in that article baby! Well as least I do. If you are a writer you should for otherwise why are you writing in the first place?  This is not a prestigious position. I am probably better off working at McDonald's for crying out loud. Especially if you did not get a chance to go to college. I self taught myself everything I know about writing and the publishing world. Add in thee blessings of encountering a couple of amazing writers who mentored me ( Rebbecca E. Check out her blog on being a writer it is awesome!). To make it I had prove my chops the hard way by my actual words. When I am hired I am not hired due to a prestigious degree. I am hired by my words, and the words of others who enjoyed what I wrote. To me that is a true testament that I am a writer. For there are many times I doubt myself. I wonder what the hell am I doing. I do not write for fame. I write to entertain, to make you think, to make you smile, to make you laugh, to make you sad. I write uniquely in way many do not understand. Not my best move, but I can only be true to me and there are people that want unique so I stay alive. I'm alive to write.

So ask yourself are YOU a Finicky Writer?