Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Publishing: The Wait

Paitence is a virtue, but really folks waiting is the worst. It seems my whole life is riding on this.

  • I wrote the novella
  • I submitted the novella to numerous agents and companies
  • I got a publisher who liked my proposal
  • I submitted my proposal to the publisher
This is a great feat yet not one sees it as a real accomplishment though they act like they care. I know I am not in the clear yet, but this is a big step to actually get a publisher or agent to say yes I want to read your work. Only writers know the true effort and meaning that has to us. After millions of rejections someone now want to actually read the full manuscript, and this is where I lie right now. My beloved book is not in hands of the publishers and the waiting game is on. I start to panic and freak what if they ran off with my story? No I can not think like that. I discovered it usually takes about 3 months to hear back and its already been one month going on two. I am hoping to hear from then soon with the words every writer wants to hear. We want to publish your book.
Then comes the fun part!