Monday, November 22, 2010

Writing is this a Job or a Hobby?

A writers life should never be like this. I do not think other writers' lives are like this...well maybe JK Rowling is the closest author I know who had a life like mine. I'm an infamous single mom trying to get her little novella published and be a freelance writer to boot. I currently have my own little writing business called JannyCWriter Freelance Writing Services. It has gone good so good in fact I had to give my clients the option of cancelling their order because I could not possibly fill all these orders on time. Sounds good right? Then why is everything so wrong? It raises the questions in my mind is writing more of a hobby? Can it possibly be a job or a career? I am a freelance writer, I write and people pay me, is that not a job? Or is it just a hobby that happens to pay?

Can You Succeed on Writing Alone? I'm Trying to Find Out

When you say you want to become a writer and they say do not quit your day job they were not kidding. I did not quit my day job though I got laid off with 2 other fellow employees. I got let go due to my declining health situation. I decided I was going to give writing a try again. I have previously dabbled in the writing/publishing biz before. It had been long time as well, so I had to start at the bottom and work my way back up. I had unemployment so I had time to build and work myself back up, to really give this a shot. Well things never work out as you planned do they? When you need the strength and support of your only family, and they turn their backs on you . When they ridicule all that you strive and work hard for as nothing but fodder. Sometime you wonder is this really worth it. Is writing really a job? Or is this just some little paying hobby.