Thursday, August 14, 2014

Greed (Sins of the Fallen Series) Book Review

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I have been privileged to review Greed book 2 in the Sins of the Fallen series by Karina Espinosa for YAReads Blog Tours!


“Maximillion can never return to the normal life he once had—not now that he’s Wrath—one of the seven Nephilim. After the failed battle with Abbadon and his demons, the death of a loved one, and the betrayal of the person he trusted the most—Max was forced to go into hiding. But not before devising a plan to look for answers: to search for the other Nephilim.

Max and his best friend/guardian angel, Jones are on the run for a month before their first clue leads them to Sin City, Las Vegas to find the Nephilim of Greed. But Nikolai’s reluctance to help and fear of an unknown force leaves Max with more questions than answers.

Will he discover who is hunting the Nephilim? And if he does, can he overcome the forces of evil against them?

Find out in the sequel to Sins of the Fallen, where Karina Espinosa pulls readers back to the saga unfolding in the world of angels and demons—a world where everything falls part.”

Greed picks up right after the end of Sins of the Fallen, with the lead character Max and his buddy guardian angel Jones on the run after tragedy has stuck. If you have not read the first book I will just sum it up with Max discovers he is the Nephilim Wrath with a very special power that makes him a wanted boy by the angels who are not so surprisingly angelic to fulfill a prophecy.

So back to Greed. In Greed Max and his guardian are on the run after a major event that ended in Sins of the Fallen. Max is also going through some major changes that brings them to discovering other Nephilim, namely the Nephilim Greed. They decide to go find him in hopes for answers. What they get is attacked by Abbadon and his demons, which leads to an unsteady alliance with Greed. Can they really trust him though?

My Thoughts

Greed is as ever as engrossing as the first book. Just as I say to myself, “After this chapter I am going to bed.” I find myself reading one more chapter. Espinosa takes you on an engrossing trip with characters that are fun, witty, and make you feel for them. The only down side I would say is that it was not a challenging read. With it being only 274 pages long I read the book rather quickly. It ended too soon.

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