Monday, May 24, 2010

The Horrors of Writing

Obstacles obstacles always in the way. My latest obstacle was a big one. Unemployment ended and my writing job was hardly bringing in the money. Then amazingly I got hired. This was the dream. I had a job! I was writing and getting paid! Note it is not much but it is start and I swore I was going to make this work. Never am I giving up on this dream. Then the unthinkable happened. The power cord on my laptop died. I had battery power but it was not going to last long. I was sunk. I am working now so I could borrow from someone to get a new power cord and pay someone back, so I got up the nerve to ask. My Sister of course was no good she said to ask her husband. I did and he said he would try and help me. Amazingly he has a power cord to this laptop he had which was not working and it amazingly fit mine perfect(Though battery does not charge now). So I am now back in business and can get back into working again. It was one of those life is not fair moments. I had been out of work then I finally FINALLY find work I can do and then THAT! happened. It was such a cold hit to my soul. I had tried so hard and then it was like just as I reached it...SNATCH! gone! I have a working computer again now, but damage seems to of been done for my soul is still sore, yet I still will go on.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do You Wonder As a Writer?

I wonder as a writer why I write sometimes. This is such a hard road to follow. You walk it everyday wondering when will you get your break? I do not want riches and to be the best selling author. I just want to be an author and to get paid doing it. I knew the repercussion going into this line of work. I know you do not make much, but you see I do not need much to live on. Actually I am not that even sure about that. What is truly my goal is all this? What is my goal if I do not want to be the next Bestseller? I want to write and live comfortably doing it. I want writing to truly be my job. This is hard thing to achieve though. So do I have any other goal? I guess it would be then to show the ones that said I could not, that I did.

Things Moving Yet I am Standing Still

Things are moving yet they are not. I still have not heard back from the publisher My Authors about my book. I submitted it around February 9Th or 11Th of this year and still nothing. I even wrote them, and still nothing. I am told by some I should of heard back by now but hey I have not even heard back from the other agents and publishers I submitted to not even a sweet hello rejection. I am a bit worried having not heard anything , but I do know it can take months to hear back from a how long is too long? On a brighter note my writing has picked up and I have been keeping pretty busy with writing assignments and meeting deadlines. I am also actually getting paid so this is quite a sweet thing. I am for the first time seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. True the pay is not much but at least it is something. The more I do the more I get paid so the amount adds up quickly. I Know it's not paying the bills totally, but it is better than no income at all. I am wondering if I should still wait or should I just grab the reigns and yeee ha!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Freelancing...Writing That is...Then How Come I Got to PAY THEN!

There are days when you just want to call it quite in the writing business. A part of me wonder what am I thinking? How could I ever think this was for me? Who cares if I have gotten told I should never give up...I probably should. Writing is the job and other things in life I think are taking up the toll and stress on me.

Freelance Writing

I have decided to try my hand again at freelancing and getting more serious into it. I joined this site and you place bids on jobs you want to apply for. Oddly my bid won and I now owe like 5 dollars on them. They mentions something about commission....and I didn't full understand I did not want to lose a job off so I clicked accept I wonder now if I can take it back. Funny thing is I do not have 5 dollars now isn't that sweet.