Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Path of A Writer Sometimes Isn't Always Pleasant

The life of a Writer is hard, at least for this little writer. I came from nothing....I came from abuse and found a way to shine and show myself. My personal life forever seeps into my writing no matter how professional I try to be. I can not escape the craziness that is me. No more than I can escape my precious spirituality. I say spirituality but not religion. I really no believe in organized religion. That is human invented though I am very spiritual and have a relationship with the Father. He exists forever in my life and has blessed me forever in my life. It all intertwines and I can not escape all the essences that make me.

Path of a Writer

I do hope other Writers perhaps have it a bit easier than I have. Well I can probably say for truth that they have. I am one strange Writer indeed. I did not get a chance to go to college and I had planned on to but writing really was not what I was going to college for it was to be an interpreter for the deaf. I got discouraged from pursuing in my dreams. I believed the word spoken to me. Maybe it was for a reason...perhaps writing has always been meant for me and I just had to realize it and grasp the opportunity. I had always has a passion for writing and loved reading. In 1990 I decided to give writing a try. I self taught myself everything. I can write pretty much anything even comic book scripts and TV Scripts, Movie scripts. With the Internet I was able to be just as educated if I had went to some prestigious college. The bonus was I got to experience a lot and learn the hard way. I am very proud of my self teaching and where I am right now. I worked really hard to be where I am at today. After all the hatred thrown upon me for other just do not understand. People fear what they do not understand and instead of educating themselves and learning about it they just last out with hatred and ignorance. Despite all that hatred that has been tossed at me I still am going strong. My faith has also played a big role in this. I'm still here so that is proof of something for I have been through hell and back. So many thing trying to stop me. You swear there was something seriously out to get me and see to it my destruction I mean it is really unreal.

The Writer's Hardship

Writing can be therapeutic and for this reason I write this so please bear with me.

Lost job and health issues arise and it is discovered I can not go back to the style of job I once had. I needed to find a new career and on lets add on top of that I am a single mom and have to live with an abusive sister that lives upstairs from you for she starts berating you for being out of work and pressuring you to find work and trying to tell you what you do and where you should apply here and there that it makes your head spin and once again you start letting other rule you life and you ask yourself what is it that YOU really want. In that I found writing again and the passion and love for this craft rekindled. I was going to be writer I could do this. I nearly did it before I am a published writer and got the magazine to still prove it. So I can do this! A lot of self pepping went there as you can see. Sadly though I was no where near where I needed to be before my unemployment ended. You would thing that would be the end of me but no. I kept up and business finally picked up and I got some writing gigs as a freelance writer and I was getting paid. This was a dream yet a nightmare for to have writing be your main job can really be life fatal as bills pile up faster than you can write. Then your laptop power cord dies on you and you have no money to get a new one. Amazingly you are blessed and your brother in laws laptop cord works with yours and he gives it to you cause his laptop that he got from someone not working right. So you are back in writing business. NEXT you are in jeopardy of losing your Internet. How will you work and pay your bills if you do not have Internet. Amazingly again a miracle happens and you establish a plan with them. Hopefully as well you can pull of the plan cause now due to this little losing Internet scare your clients are a bit worried you can pull through. This also takes its toll on health and family life as emotions are high. I guess I will be a Writer or I shall die trying.