Friday, August 30, 2019

Book Review: Don’t Stand Still by Jack O. Daniel (The Colour Series Book 3)

Ruby Iris Williams, White's friend with benefit, staggers into his house with a critical gunshot wound to her stomach. She is barely clinging to life; fortunately, help arrives at his place in record time.

However, when the paramedics are loading her in the back of an ambulance, someone fires a shot at them, hitting one of the medics. The shooter then carnaps the ambulance with Ruby's injured body inside.
Does it have anything to do with Sullivan White's job as a Trident Officer, London Metropolitan Police anti-gun and gang crime unit?
Does it have to do with Ruby being the U.S. Cultural Attaché to G.B?
Cruelly, Ruby is gone before White could tell her what she truly means to him; it breaks him more than anything.
He keeps sane by focusing on seeking justice for her, but once he succeeds on his quest, will he be able to move forward?

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An emotional crime thriller Don’t Stand Still holds you in the palm of its hand gripping you gently. In the opening we mete Sullivan(Sully) White a London anti-gun and gang crime unit police officer who awaken to Ruby his “friend with benefits” collapsed on his bedroom floor. Recuse arrives, but then someone shoots at the paramedic and takes over the ambulance. White jumps into action and gets her body back as Ruby’s lasts words were autopsy and that she loved him. From the here it’s a sullen hunt to solve the mystery of Ruby’s killer and what her position as a U.S. Cultural Attache to Great Brittan has to do with it. While its book 3 in the Color Series, this book stands well on its own.

Daniel’s writing is realistic as we follow Sully in his mission to help find the woman he realizes he loved killer. While Don’t Stand Still is a crime thriller, it also is about how we can take life and people for granted. How fear and holding back can lead to regret. She was gone before he had the chance to say he loved her too. Daniels portrayal of Sully and his personal grief journey is flawless and so true to life. You can’t help but not feel for him and get drawn into the story.


From the pen of Jack O. Daniel....

I'm an observer of people and a story-teller. I sit and watch, and I listen. Listening not just to what's being said, but more importantly, to what's not being said. But life shouldn't just pass us by as we watch idly, so in every respect, I'm also a participant. Interacting with the characters who grace the pages of my books, although they were simply an amalgam of the various people I've come across That could be me silently watching you from across a crowded café as you sit drinking your coffee. Observing how you sniffed the aroma of the Arabica beans grounded and blended just for you by the barista behind the counter. Then, you drank it, closed your eyes to fully appreciate the tinge of bitterness in it. You smiled, pleased that it was made just right.

People make up the tapestry of life. So, you are my source of inspiration.

In the end, it's not about me - it's all about you. So, I prefer to remain anonymous.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Phoenyx Falling (Volume 2) by Daisy St. James

Jane Grimshaw, a.k.a. The Phoenyx, has made a name for herself in Crystal Haven that strikes fear and respect whenever it’s whispered. Raised as a cut-throat assassin by her Uncle Hutton, she is not a wielder of weapons— she IS the weapon. When dormant powers surface after a steamy hook up with gorgeous and angst-ridden vampire, Judas, Jane finds herself embroiled in a world filled with witchcraft, danger and lust.
You can abandon family—but you can’t escape blood.
Family bloodlines are pulsing through her veins, thrumming with powerful magic and sensuality. When Jane discovers that her biological father is a high-ranking hybrid, she can’t imagine things getting any worse. However, dark creatures are gunning for her at every turn—hunting her down at the behest of Lilith, a sister she never knew and Spider, a vicious vampire and leader of a local MC. Behind the scenes, she is guarded over by another undead, a mysterious vampire hell bent on finding his way into her heart even if it means giving up on everything he’s ever known. With great power comes great promise, higher risks, and the threat of betrayal.
Standing at the precipice of a new life, one thing becomes abundantly clear…
To rise—you must first be willing to fall.



Phoenyx Falling bursts into flames the moment your eyes touch the first page.

Volume 2 tears right in where volume 1 Phoenyx in Flames left off, and the sexy action mounts up as Jane "Phoenyx" Grimshaw learns cutting truths and startling revelations amongst the hot steamy succubus, vampire, magic action! What happens when you learn the very thing you are fighting against is the very thing you are?

 This book is totally kickass! If you are an avid urban paranormal or paranormal romance lover you will devour this book! Phoenyx Falling left this fangirl giddy with delight.

 St. James writing is truly captivating and sexy. Each line is filled with importance, and excitement so there is never a dull moment in this read so enjoy the ride.


 Daisy always dreamed of becoming a writer. From the moment she picked up her very first romance novel at the tender age of twelve, she was hooked. As she got older and more ambitious, she wrote her first Young Adult novel, which promptly got devoured by her temperamental Hewlett-Packard. Since then, she's learned a lot about crafting an engaging story to captivate readers - and how to back up her work to avoid utter devastation at the hands of technology.
Daisy lives mostly in her head but calls beautiful Montreal, Quebec her home. She spends her days as a stay-at-home-mom/voice-over artist and lives to make her family as happy as she possibly can! She spends her time daydreaming up sassy heroines and hot heroes. Paranormal Romance is her life.
Her husband is the man of her dreams and you’ll find a little bit of him in every Hero she writes. Most of her Heroines have a little bit of her in them as well. In doing so, she’s made her love for her husband immortal.