Sunday, July 11, 2010

Days of Writer Worth It?

These are troubled times and I wonder if the life of a writer is worth it. I wonder how many writers ended their lives due to the struggle. I really feel like I am a ghetto writer. I did not get the chance to go to school and major and have all these credentials that other writers seem to have to make them look good. I have learned all I have on my own by self teaching and just learning by doing. But looking outside myself I have come such a long way why should I just give it all up? I have a job title of independent freelance writer. Writing is my job and I get paid a bit to do it. While it's not much its something and I am quite proud of that. I have my articles published online and people that enjoy what I write and follow me. So I cannot be all that bad of a writer and I accomplished all that by myself and through hard work.

Some Days Do You Want to Quit?

Some days as a writer I want to quit. I wonder why I am kidding myself. I knew the odds going in and I swore to defeat them. While I have overcome some odds I have not overcome them all. Life also seems to always creep inside the career and I can not separate my job from my family and the people I was born into. All I have left is my writing so I can never stop. I can never stop because I need to know what is at the end of this story. My journey in being a writer is like a story in itself. I want to see how it ends. I just feel something glorious is at the end. Another reason why I just can not stop.