Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Writing Against The World

It feels sometimes like I am writing against the world. Everything I have learned I have learned from teaching myself. My life has never allowed the luxury of college no matter how many times I tried to enter It just never worked out. I needed support and I never got it. It was like no one wanted me to better myself for perhaps I would rise above them and be better and not need them. No matter how many times I tried to crush my dream and love of writing the fire never would go out. Writing was never a hobby and little thing I dabbled in. Writing was my passion, love. No one understands it unless you are a writer yourself. You will never make a career of it either unless you drink, eat and sleep it.

Self Teaching

The fall college course catalog came in the mail today and I saw they offered some writing courses. I looked them over for I am always interested in learning and growing in my writing. What I learned though is I already knew the lessons they were offering. If these professional writers and professor were teaching about the love of writing, writing for money, writing with passion and purpose I then am wasting my 95 dollars for I have learned all that and sadly not by a professor of English in a comfy air conditioned classroom. I learned it through living it. I learned that if you do not love writing you will not get anywhere. To succeed a writer needs passion and drive and dedication, and they need to be a bit business savvy too for one thing I learned this is a business and its a serious one.

Why I write

The infamous question some Authors get asked. Some day I wonder why I write for its nothing but pain and sorrow. Once I crossed the line into becomes a writer there was no going back for me. It was like a destiny I could never escape. This is my path this is my purpose. To write and share, enlighten, entertain others with my words. While I am a freelance writer now and I do get paid for my work it still is not about the money. I write still even when I'm not getting money for it. Writing is my love and my job. Now how many can say that they love their job now?