Friday, April 27, 2012

Writing a Dream (A ponder)

After all my struggles and accomplishments I still wonder is my idea of being a writer, my idea of writing just a dream. Being a writer is not an easy path. Is not a glamorous career really. I never got a chance to go to college to be taught from a professor. All my writing know how came from my teaching myself and learning the hard way from experience.

This does not seem so odd of my of course. I never in my life choose the easy path so why should my choice in a job be any different. Being struck with chronic back pain which took 4 years to diagnosis sort of set me up for this writing dream as well. Writing was all I could do. I have come a long way now having my own little writing website and writing for clients from all over the world.  Still I wonder if this idea of being a writer is a dream. It seems to the world around me I am still a fool not matter how much I have accomplished. Is writing a dream still should I just give up?