Friday, October 8, 2010

Writing For Life

I take time out of my busy schedule to share the latest happenings for Janny in Publishingland.

Sadly negotiations with My Authors publishing failed so Angelic Confessions is once again on the market and looking for a home. The good news is I got statistic and reviews to wow the Publishers and Agents off their feet(I got to be confident for who else will be!). I put up Angelic Confession for a trial run to see if this book had a market value. Will people like this book? This is what Publisher and Agents want to know if your book has a market and an audience. After putting Angelic Confession up for a trial run online on I found out it does. People liked this book. I got emails from people stating how much they liked it, how they were hooked and could not wait to read more. So with these statistics under my belt I at least have a something to show the Agents and Publishers that this book has potential.

More Than a Writer

So you want to be a writer they say. Well they never said it was going to be easy. I am a writer yes, but I am also a mother and a women. Balancing writing and being a mom can be pretty difficult at times. The pay sucks and I'm deep in debt. Yet I love every minute of it. I write therefore I am. All other jobs I have had fall to the waste side. No wonder I lost all those past jobs they were not for me. This job right here being a freelance writer, a ghost writer and author, this is the job for me. I am good too otherwise I would not of gotten this far. I write for love and I write for money for I have made this my career. I write and give my clients the best. I am about quality not quantity though I can write pretty fast if thing go smoothly. Like say my Internet decided to kick me offline every 2 seconds making work hard to get done. I digress though.