Monday, February 25, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: French Kissed: An Urban Romance Fiction Novel by Smokey Moment

 Bianca French is a spoiled woman not satisfied with her life. Marriage and three children back to back, have all but dulled her senses and she yearns for something more. Bianca lives a life filled with lies, sexual promiscuity and self-indulgence as she tries to escape from what she sees as a lackluster life. Her husband Bryce discovers what she’s been doing, and leaves her in the cold causing her to tumble further into the abyss. But after landing a job and catching the eye of its millionaire owner, Bianca is faced with even more trials as the encounter threatens to change her life forever. She is forced to take a long hard look at her choices and how she came to be a woman stripped of her wifely and motherly duties due to her betrayals, deceit and misguided choices. But Bianca has a secret. Bryce doesn’t know that his wife’s indiscretions will end up challenging the validity of their bond and force him to decide if he is man enough to forge ahead, forgive her and move on, knowing what he knows.
Will Bianca gain control of her inner demons and win back the love and trust of a good man? A dedicated husband who turned his back on her after finding out she has done the ultimate betrayal. Will her new lover win her heart and change her life forever? Or will her husband’s love conquer all and bring two people back together again?



Bianca’s and Bryce’s marriage could be an episode off of Jerry Springer, which makes French Kissed a gossipy good read. Sexy and confident Bianca is a woman with issues making her not so confident as her cheating secrets come back to bite her. If that is not enough, there is her charismatic boss too. You will find yourself booing her one moment then cheering for her the next. Can she claim redemption?

 With such a juicy story, it is sad to say that bad editing caused a hiccup in the flow of the book especially in the dialogue. It is forgivable though typos aside, I was still engrossed with the story.


 Smokey Moment is an avid reader and accomplished professional who decided to put her storytelling abilities between pages for the world to enjoy. She writes mostly paranormal fantasy and urban romance novels. She enjoys writing novellas and novels with powerful storylines that resonate with readers. 

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Asian Lifestyle Secrets -Part 1- How to Stay Healthy, Prevent Deadly Sickness and Live an Extraordinary Long Life by Yanjuan Lou

It all started when one woman in China decided that she needed to change her life. After enduring a heartfelt loss, she spirited herself away on a journey that took her from one end of Asia to the other. Along the way, she visited many exotic locations, met troves of fascinating people, and learned something from these people that forced her to push her journey further westward.
She then visited Europe, the United States, as well as other corners of the globe. As she journeyed onwards, she put the methods of what she had learned while exploring Asia to the test. After a long journey, she had come to the conclusion that what she had learned while venturing through Asia was, in fact, true. There was a secret hidden in the world that almost no one outside the continent of Asia knew, and she made it her mission to share this secret with the rest of the world.

What was the secret that she learned while globetrotting the four corners of the world? Yanjuan Lou learned the Asian secret to achieving infinite health! It is a proven fact that the people of Asia have always had a reputation for aging more gracefully than any other people in the history of mankind. No one has known why this is so though—until now! 


Asian Lifestyle Secrets is a breath of fresh air on this genre of a topic. Yanjuan Lou writes with life and loves revealing the ancient secrets to a long life. In Asian Lifestyles Secrets Yanjuan is our key as we learn from her personal experiences as she discovered the secret key.

Yanjuan’s writing keeps everything neat and precise in her book which I like, she does not go off topic or blows any fluffy jumbo jargon in your face trying to impress. She is real. I look forward to reading book two.


Yanjuan Lou was born in Shenyang, China. China is a very conformed society with an extremely low tolerance for mediocrity or mistakes. She has spent most of her time in China being told what to do, then doing it. This was just how things were there. Before she left China on a personal quest, she had written non-fiction books. The topics she usually used to write about were often related to health, beauty products, and financing. Her husband, daughter, and herself–moved to California in 2015. By then, she was ready to leave China behind— not for good—but at the time, it matched with where she was in her life. Besides, while visiting the U.S., she realized that if she really was going to spread her message and enter a new phase of life, she needed to relocate away from her past. She dabbled in a few different jobs after moving to the U.S. She was a customer service representative for a travel agency, and then later, she got a second job as a model for the occasional magazine ad and the like. However, neither of these was very fulfilling. Even worse, they were extremely stressful. They ate up all of her time, paid marginally well at best, and were beyond demanding. She hit a point where she couldn’t take it anymore. She has left those jobs behind and has finally decided to return to her passion for writing. She truly believes in her heart that a person, regardless of age, culture, family inventions, can learn to live in harmony with themselves.