Saturday, April 24, 2010

Writing Frustations

I currently write for various online publishing sites. Some are self publishing and other are self publishing , but the sites editors have to approve it and then they disburse it with other various sites they own. You can pretty much write on whatever you want but you got to get it past their editors first and yes they do decline articles. I wrote in a perhaps taboo topic of Vampires and the real self proclaimed vampires out there and I conducted an interview with a well know occult specialist and author. While the article did get approved they placed it on a food website and the article itself was all jacked up and half of it was missing. I deleted the article and tried again letting them know the error of last time.

2Nd Times a Charm

As I said we tried it again this time it got placed in a bit of a better spot on a site called authorspot but its a place of poetry and short stories so whatever. The text I was concerned on and once again the text got all jacked up! I was like OH MY GOD AGAIN!!!! Do I try a third time are they trying to tell me something by publishing my article in ruins? I deleted it once again and am now looking for a new place to publish it. I tried Helium but then they asked me to revise my titled I did and so still waiting to hear back on if they like the title before I can actually submit the article it self.

The frustrations of a writer.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Vegging Out Writers

There are some days where you just do not want to write. As my writing mentor Rebecca E. says no writing no money so I push myself to write and its fine cause writing is what I love to do. I wish I could write more though, but I also am mom so that sometimes makes writing difficult. My son dislikes my writing I think he wants to go out and do fun stuff with mommy. This is a job though as crappy as it pays, and I have come too far to just stop. Though the thought has crossed my mind many of times.

Have you ever wanted to stop writing and give it up? I have actually done that. I left writing alone for a long time. I then met a new young writer and she reminded me so much of myself. She had the same fiery passion that I used to have and was reminded that I still had. The flames had not been extinguished. What was more than that was I was her muse. ME! How I inspired I do not know but I somehow encouraged her to write herself and she is not that bad.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Writing Half way

Have you ever had a great idea for an article, an essay or a book and you start writing away. The next thing you know suddenly you stop a blank in what to write next. You start writing and get halfway then nothing nadda zip!

I have been in this funk of late that all my articles end up half way done. I am totally stumped in what to write next. Talk about your half bakes ideas! Life and stress could also be a factor in this in why I only seem to get halfway through then my brain dies. I wonder what I need to do to break this. It ain't easy being a writer sometimes, yet I would not trade it for anything else in the world.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Writing Goal Lost

It seems my goal fell short or maybe there is still time to reach it I do not know. I had hoped to be established but I am no where near fully established. I would say I am semi established in the writing world.

Now I am left with nothing though and wonder where I went wrong....did I go wrong? Did I lose some sight?

Is all going to be alright?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finding Time To Write

It is currently still spring break and have I gotten a lot of work done? Nope not really at least not like I had hoped. Spring break started early for the preschool kiddies as March 30Th was the last day of school. By 2pm on March 31st I was unsure if I could survive the whole next week of no school that was coming up. My little one was excited of course for Easter and Mommy is a bit irritable too due to PMS so this week has been quite a chore and no one has died as of yet. It has been cold and rainy too so my plans of going to the park had been shattered. With this I thought I could just set up something crafty and I would have a bit of time to work. This did not go as I had planned but I did get some writing in and got two articles out. Not bad but still it was not easy. Next week it is back to school and back to our normal schedule. Whew!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Every Author Has a Begining

What is your beginning? Why is it you really love to write? Is it for the money? Is it for the love of the English language and the written word? We all have an answer to that question, but I want you ask yourself truly WHY is it you write? Is it to entertain? Inform? Get your voice heard?

Why I Write

I write because this is the best way to express myself. Most of my life I was to be seen and not heard. My opinions and thoughts did not matter. If I did get brave and voice my thoughts I would get ridiculed and called unkindly names. I always had quite the imagination too taking my barbies on awesome adventures, or battling invisible evil ninja foes outside. I will never forget in 5Th grade I think it was we were to write a story on how the parrot got its many colors. I remember the teacher pointing out my story to my mom in parent teacher conference at how good it was. I believe I got a A grade too. Next was in High school we had to write a story for something as well and my teacher took me aside and said they were impressed with my story. That is how I knew once again that maybe I had a knack for this. I wondered though for I totally suck in writing term papers and I never figured out what I did wrong. I got a C though on all term papers so I'm average I guess.

Moment of Truth

I then took a writing course at our local college and we were supposed to bring a piece of our work to read out loud to people. I brought a very early draft of Angelic Confessions. Once I got done reading a sample of it the teacher the stated,"You know what you are doing don't you." That was when it truly sank in that I am good and I have a chance at this. Being a writer seems to of always been an interest, it was not a dream for I knew the reality and the odds success in this business. I really did not want big success anyway I would just be happy with an underground cult following.

Giving It a Shot

In 1990 my mother suffered a heart attack and discovered she had heart disease and a condition called angina. So I left my job to take care of my mom and be a freelance writer, but soon decided I needed to find a real job too. I did manage to get 2 poems, a magazine article and music review published. Best part was I got paid!!! Flash forward to now and here I am writing again. It seems like it is a destiny I can not escape. So I decided I'm going full force in this thing! By the Fathers graces I am blessed to be able to do so. I feel this is definitely what I am supposed to do, for I should not be alive if this was not the path for me. Once again the opportunity is given to me and I took it and I'm going all the way to the top! *And I'm doing it my way*