Friday, October 18, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: World of the Chimera (The Adventure of Narvix Book 2) by Dayron Maxwell

The Battle of New York has become a catalyst for many things. The hatred for Narvix, Mia's alienation from human life, two teenagers a nascent understanding of their father's goal, and the life of all intertwined with the nature of the Arzos. As Narvix's power begins to frighten him, He journeys to a city hidden in another planet to learn about his heritage. Yet, what of the lives ultimately affected by him? What of the mothers who hold the corpse of her winged child, horned children praying for a peace muffled by brooks of blood and dying men? What of an old foe who vowed to destroy Narvix and the rest of his family? In the second book, Narvix must prepare for an inevitable conflict by immersing himself in a world shaped by the lives that he has neglected.



Narvix is has returned in World of the Chimera (The Adventure of Narvix Book 2). If you have not read the first book, you should. As World of the Chimera picks up after the events of the first book. After the epic battle in New York and with the defeat of Reziel Narvix gets whisked away to another planet where Narvix learns more about his true origins, where we meet the Arzo race. Meanwhile, we learn that someone more sinister looms in the shadows is had risen to taking Reziels place.  Meanwhile, more destructive occurrences are happening on earth. Everyone blames Narvix leaving his human friends he leaves behind as bait for hate. Time is running out. Enlo is coming. Narvix is not ready yet. Will he be ready in time?

Maxwell should write in the comic book business. This is thanks to his tad overly vivid descriptions. True these characters are “Out of this world.” and a to be outlandish looking. Sometimes though it is a little too much, at least for me. I experienced difficulty trying to imagine his world and these characters in my mind. They reminded me of something out of a Picasso painting. You can’t say he lacks vivid detail, though. All things considered, the story is entertaining, and there are parts where you are captivated. I am looking forward to more adventures with Narvix.


Dayron Maxwell is an author who writes fantasy and coming of age books. He is currently working on a series that will span six books. His hobbies include writing, traveling, and occasionally a good movie.

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