Friday, May 6, 2011

Query Away!

Lack of Internet in my home has kind of put a damper on my publishing goal. I work now from the local coffee shop, and work always comes first. So hunting for the right publishers and agents was always on hold. Remember folks you just do not want to go with any publisher or agent. It sometimes take a long and tedious process to find that one publisher, or agent that you think your book is fit for, at least it should do this.

I finally have gotten a break though! I have now just sent a query off to Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. I also reworked my query letter, and my synopsis of the book. I got a good feeling I presented myself and the book a lot better than I did in the past. I always look back at my unsuccessful attempts to find out that I did wrong in my presentation that might of turned them off. So those rejections,or no replies I get are very helpful in learning how to properly write a query letter. They also can help you in how to write a proper book synopsis too that will grab a Publishers or Agents attention. So the Query is away!!! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wow I Got Fans!

When I started on this writing journey I never did expect to get famous. I didnt want to be either. I wanted to be a writer for my job, my career. I wanted to write because this is my love my passion. I never expected to be well known, or a Pulitzer Prize winner or to even be in the New York Best Sellers list. That was not why I decided to write. I write because I love it. I write because maybe I have stories to share, and knowledge hidden inside me to pass on. One thing you got to know though is if you DO become a writer It can happen.

I have fans!

This is still a bit strange to me. I do randomly get emails, and comments from people who have read my articles and enjoyed my work. I have even gotten a comments on my beloved Angelic Confessions novella about how they love the story, it hooked then, they can't wait for it to come out. I of recent got another one of those emails. I then got a request that someone wanted me to write a script for them. Then another request if I could ghost write a novel for them. I had young writers who read an article I shared in writing and they wanted MY OPINION on a story they were writing with a friend. WHOA! I am just a lowly writer here if they only knew how hard this is and my paycheck really does not pay all the bills here. I'm not a success really so how can I accept this praise or give advice? Sure I have my own writing business, and I get paid to write. I still haven't found a publisher for my novella though I have come so close so many times. Starting to wonder if I ever will. The subject matter is a bit risque, so I guess probably no agent or publisher would want to take a risk except for Dorrance Publishing who keeps hassling me to publish with them or their sister company Rose Dog. Of course I would PAY them to publish my book so why not hassle me to publish with them. Some days I want to throw in the towel. Then I get emails from my fans, supporters, fellow young writers. This is why I continue on. Not only do I write for me I write for others more so. I write to inform them, entertain them, tomake them laugh, make them THINK! So to my fans, friends, supporters thank you. I love this business I love the written word! I can't leave it not not ever it has my heart and soul. WRITE ON ALL!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Internet is a Writer's Lifeline

I have realized the internet is this writers lifeline. No internet means no job. No job means no income. So I have realized the vital importance that the internet and computers have taken shape in my life. Was being a writer the best career path now when it can all go to hell in a hand basket so easily with just the simplest technical glitch? How do I raise a family on such a precarious slope as the life of a freelance writer? What happens if something happens to my computer or internet? Well That happened of recent. Over the holiday season I lost my phone which then meant no internet due to I had dial up Internet. How was I going to work? Maybe I should of just given up on this writing dream. I had come so far though to destroy all my hard work to get to this point....I was not giving up, and apparently the universe did not want me to give up either. Out of frustration I decided one night to check what wireless connections I could get. Suddenly a wireless signal popped up that was named HeaVen. I clicked it on and I was instantly connected to the Internet. I was stunned to say the least, I mean could this really be? The connection is fleeting, and I never know when I'm going to get a signal, but it's been pretty steady to where I can get on it at least once a day. So I made the daring announcement I was back in business to my clients. I had contacted them earlier stating my peril and if they wanted to go with another writer by all means I did not know when Id be back in business. Amazingly they stuck with me saying they would wait. This week was my first week back to work and while again my connection was not steady or secure I still managed to complete my order and deliver on the deadline date.

Writing is meant to be...writing is me. Never give up when you know that you can do it, that it is possible and not just a dream.

Write on!