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Book Blitz: Dog Park by Kathryn Kazoleas

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Publication Date: May 30th, 2021

Genre: Middle Grade/ Chapter Book

Gibson the labradoodle is about to begin her first day of training to become a dog park ambassador, something she has been dreaming about her entire life. Dog park ambassadors hold a very high honour within the dog park community and have many important roles to make sure the dog park is a fun and safe place to be. She has so many great ideas and cannot wait to get started.

While Gibson is training alongside lead ambassador and trainer, Meistro the bulldog, things don’t go as planned. Gibson meets challenge after challenge and isn’t allowed to introduce any of her new ideas. Being a dog park ambassador isn’t what she thought it would be so she starts to question whether the role is really for her.

At the end of her very first training shift, and just as she’s about to give up and tell Meistro she isn’t cut out to be a dog park ambassador, after all, there’s an emergency at the river. One of the dog park’s new puppies, Clover, has swam too far out and cannot get back to shore. Gibson’s best friend and greatest supporter Stretch the dachshund convinces her she has to go help. Gibson springs into action, with Stretch at her side and encouraging her the entire time. Gibson saves the day…almost!

Having been swept downstream and far away from the dog park, Gibson is forced to lead the trio back to safety. There’s only one way back and it’s through a dark forest with strange sounds and smells. The sun is starting to go down and everybody is tired and scared. But, Gibson knows she has to get her friends back home, despite what, or who, gets in her way.

Now read a fun excerpt from Dog Park

Tyler didn’t know it, but today was an important day and one that she had been looking forward to for a very long time. Each week, the regular pack at the dog park delegated a dog park ambassador. It was a job that held a very high honour within the dog park community.  Dog park ambassadors were to make sure all the dogs at the park got along, and that all the humans felt welcomed so they would bring their dogs back. As ambassadors, they were to intervene in any disagreements between dogs, explain the rules to the new dogs and puppies, and were to greet the humans to welcome them to the park.

Gibson had been asking to get involved for months now, but the committee always told her they didn’t need any more ambassadors. But finally, her persistence paid off and they agreed to let her start training. Today was her first day.

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Kathryn is from Alberta, Canada where she lives with her dog Koa and her cat Keeva. In her free time, she can be found playing ball with Koa, enjoying the outdoors, reading, or writing. Follow Kathryn at:

Kathryn Kazoleas | Twitter | Instagram

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BOOK REVIEW: Dragon Train (Book1) By R.J. The Story Guy


There are three kinds of dragons characterized by their various colors: gold (dog-sized) dragons trained to hunt and serve as guards; silver (about the size of a cow) trained to carry gold dragons on their backs and to serve as soldiers and hunters; and blue dragons (somewhat larger than an elephant) who are trained to tow Dragon Trains (powered by a low-flying dragon rather than a steam engine). The gold and silver dragons aren't very intelligent, but obedient to humans and easily trained. The blues, however, are very intelligent and can communicate with each other telepathically although most humans are not aware of their ability to communicate. For many centuries dragons and humans were enemies, but in the last couple of generations, humans have become clever enough to overwhelm and enslave dragons. But the blues long for freedom and escape from human control. Jaiden and Skye, an escaped blue dragon, encounter each other and a close, friendly relationship develops as the blue dragon with the young man's help escapes servitude towing a Dragon Train. The pair avoid capture while they are pursued through the forests and caves of the Emerald Forest. Eventually, they travel to Portville, a large city where the Dragon Train camps and training grounds are located. But can the pair free her family and escape to a far northern land where dragons may live free?



A delightful tale Dragon Train is for the young and old, especially if you love a good dragon story. We meet Jaiden, a young Farmboy who lives just outside the town of Hilltop. When the dragon train suddenly stops in Hilltop, this is something he has to see. Little does Jaiden know his dream of more outside his farming life is about to begin. After he drops his chores, gets up close to see the downed dragon train, a soft voice speaks in his head. Stupid Dragons don’t talk especially in their head, right? When Jaiden has to see the dying dragon one more time, for surely the dragon has to be dead by now, right? It is then his adventure begins.

I love dragons and I found this a sweet fun story fitting for school-age children 8 and up. Even though it is marketed for teens I started reading this to my 8-year-old twins and they totally got engrossed in the tale!

RJ The Story Guy writes with simplistic ease, but with a depth to truly capture any young reader’s attention. The story is set in what seems to be a fantasy medieval type land ( i.e., because of the dragons), but the way R.J. has his characters' talk is kept normal making it easy for younger readers to follow and understand. As with all young/teen reader books, Dragon Train also leaves us with a valuable lesson to know too.


R.J The Story Guy

RJ the Story Guy has lived in the Middle Rio Grande Valley for most of his life. His first writing endeavor was a fantasy series for adults, The Rio Grande Parallax trilogy, winning awards in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards. His recent book for children, Trixie Finds Her People, won several honors including finalist for the 2020 Next Generation Indies Book Awards (an international contest). His newest book for teen readers, Dragon Train, won second place in the 2021 New Mexico Press Women Awards with more award contests pending. More dragon stories are planned in the Dragon Train Quest series. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Book Review: The Rise of the Storm Warrior by M. Garnet


There is one thing that is always a fact about the rich world known as the Storm Planet, life is never boring, as a new Warrior rises up to help a Royal Lady, stop a war and save a small child. He is a lazy young man that is forced into greatness. All he wanted to do was live off the doles that the rich Storm Planet handed out to everyone. Then an accident brings out one of his strange talents he had kept hidden, and he is forced into a life of pain and travel and protecting a Royal Lady that hates the sight of him. Suddenly a young man who does nothing, is living a life full of Assassins, strange worlds and too many trying to kill him he has lost count of all of them. Added to all of it, if he could only find a way to get this beautiful Lady with the foul mouth to shut up.



First off, I have to say I am intrigued as to the rest of this series. The Rise of the Storm Warrior is actually a book five The Storm Planet series. Still, it holds well all on its own. I had no problem following along and getting absorbed in the story. In it, we meet Trainer, whose cushy life on his homeworld plant of Gigas Vnee gets a jolt of adrenaline. Trainer has a special talent, and the storm is in his blood. When his special talent reveals, they pulled Trainer into torturous military training. Trainer survives and excels in it. When assigned to oversee some shady royal diplomats who state they are going to be posted as representative of the Vance Holt Worlds Trainer gets thrust into protecting the high maintenance Lady Shara Cam whom he can’t seem to know if he likes or wants to cut out her tongue.

Garnet writes with an excellent blend of sci-fi and fantasy, along with a tasty drop of romance. It’s not too over techy, and it’s not too over magical mystical either. Garnet writes with a dash of realism, even though we are in a sci-fi fantasy setting. I found this different, yet refreshing. It’s the draw and enjoyment of the book.


Overall, I give it a 4 **** out of 5.



M. Garnet author of over 70 novels is known by her friends and fans as Muriel Garnet Yantiss, so you will find her on Facebook under that name.  But her website is under her author’s name at  M. Garnet has written for many years and has many books on a cross-genre but all seem to be Happy Ever After. She admits she had a special like for SciFi since reading Dune so many years ago.

From her retirement home in Florida, she devotes her time to the imagination that she can lose herself and her fans in, including the award-winning stories such as HUNTING IN THE GULL WING SHIP and THE STORM TAMER. Her recent mystery KILLING WITH LOVE won two awards.

Her own long and exciting life adds details to her stories that bring a complete and interesting process that gives the reader some education that they might not have known about before reading her books.  The inside workings of foundries, the fact of diamond mining on Inuit territory in Canada and best of all, that we already that found a way to talk instantly from point to point to break Einstein’s theory on Faster than Light.  Ain’t life grand?  Drop Muriel a note, she loves to hear from people. 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Book Review: Heir of Dragmoore: The Veiled Haven by Jennifer Ann Schlag


Adventure on the sea with sea witches, sea beasts, and paradise-inspired lands. Caught inside a love triangle with no happy end. An ancient place that few have seen. The Veiled Haven is full of twists and turns, deception, and untamed darkness. Proving her innocence will be the least of her problems

Talen plans to become a master trainer of animals and leave her farm life behind her. That is, until, her father is implicated in the death of a mother dragon and her infant. She finds the infant dragon alive and presents it to the king in hopes of her father being set free, only to be accused of harboring a magical beast—an offense punishable by imprisonment.

Prince Remy imagines that he is anyone but a prince who will be forced to marry and inherit the throne. Knowing he can’t have both his freedom and his father’s respect; he decides to leave behind the royal life. However, when the opportunity arises for him to achieve what he desires, he accepts the challenge and stumbles upon a secret to his lineage that will change the entire kingdom.

Talen and Remy find themselves walking the same path. Leading them straight into The Veiled Haven, a place where intrigue, desire, and mayhem rule. They must find a way to navigate through the dark temptations that wait to prey upon them. Can they trust each other enough to survive the journey? Or will the temptations be too great that they succumb to the darkness within?



Fabulously enjoyed! Schlag designs a believable world for her readers that sucks you in a magical love triangle (Or is it quadrangle) and adventure. In Heir to Dragmoore, we are introduced to the kingdom of Dragmoore that seems to be founded on a sinister secret. So sinister that they had the whole village memory wiped. Secrets never stay buried as we know. 

When one of the sacred beasts a dragon is killed King Tully's best friend and Hunter protector Gavin is blamed. Talen Gavin’s daughter then sets out to The Veiled Haven to prove her father’s innocence, and that she is a Master. What unfolds are more secrets revealed, but who is telling the truth? Who possesses Talen’s heart?! The action and drama make me think of an episode of Xena Warrior Princess. Schlag writes strong female characters and a story with a serpent’s temptation that is so sexy good!

I enjoyed how she mixed medieval with hints of Greek mythos too. Schlag also developed one of the most amazing love triangles I have ever read! I don’t know who to root for? Consider me invested in this series now.



Jennifer Ann Schlag is a USA Today Bestselling author who takes reality and smashes it into fantasy and lets things fall where they may. She is from New York and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Before becoming an author, she wanted to be a filmmaker, and even considered becoming a scientist. All of her books have been in the top 100 of multiple genres on Amazon, and the boxed set she was in reached #127 on the USA Today Bestselling list. She wrote short stories as a kid which led her to writing screenplays, and eventually novels. Inspiration comes easy to her and she is thankful for a very over active imagination so she can keep up with her crazy characters.


When not writing, she can often be found sitting by the water taking sunset pictures, while also tuning up our old-aged philosophical questions. She has an infinite amount of love for animals, especially wolves. She donates to various animal charities and is known for having a wolf present in some of her stories. Much like the phoenix rises from the ashes, Jennifer doesn't see failure as the end; but as the beginning of something new. 


To receive all the latest on her books and upcoming projects, sign up for her newsletter at

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BOOK REVIEW: Divorcing Atlanta by Pastor Timmothy B. McCann


In this moving family saga—set during the world-shattering impact of a global pandemic—two marriages and four people destined for greatness will falter and no one will be left unscathed in their pursuit to find a love of their own.”

Newlyweds, Lorenzo and Elizabeth Richardson stands at the precipice of seeing their dreams become a reality. The enigmatic orator from Chicago is poised to change lives with his plan to build an inner-city ministry, while his brilliant new bride has her sights set on the hallowed halls of Congress. But behind what looks like a blessed life lurks a life-long secret—one that tests their perfect union, and pushes one of them to do the unthinkable.

Congressman Anderson Banks and his adoring wife Tabitha is an emerging Beltway royalty. The interracial movers and shakers bask in the glow of D.C. politics, but behind the scenes, a truth buried from the world seeks to be revealed and threatens to shatter their perfectly crafted fa├žade and destroy any hope for a presidential run.

Follow these seemingly perfect couples as they play their roles publicly, but privately buckle under the unrelenting pressure, long-held secrets, complicated realities, political influence, societal expectations, and the economic and social fallout from a global pandemic. 

Divorcing Atlanta powerfully exposes the raw emotions brought to life by the excruciating pain of divorce and the strain of trying to lead a real life in—and out of the limelight. This moving and timely accounts will resonate with readers who believe in redemption, choose love and hope over hate and fear, and fight for what truly matters in life.

AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON (Kindle) Paperback April 23rd


Divorcing Atlanta is two tales about two couples that tragically intertwine. Told in a kind of like a therapy session way as each person gets their spotlight and tells his/her engrossing tale all set in our current times.

Pastor Lorenzo Richardson is a young inspiring, charismatic pastor with a growing church along with his wife the “First Lady” Elizabeth Collins Richardson. Who is a prominent lawyer with thoughts of tossing her hat into the political ring.

Lorenzo’s passions and pressures are of helping to counsel others and keeping up his church that is starting to have financial trouble. Add in Lorenzo’s and Elizabeth’s haunted past it all starts to take a toll on this newlywedded couple.

Tabitha and Anderson Banks seem to have it all. Devoted to her husband 110% Anderson, a well-loved congressman with thoughts of running for the presidency looming on the horizon. Tabitha said she knew Anderson was a liar the moment she met him, but he was her lair. Lies destroy, and when it gets discovered Anderson's best-selling book could be a lie all the lies then come creeping out. Anderson said he wouldn’t stray again.

From the title, you know Divorcing Atlanta is about divorce and relationships. Reading it though you get drawn into these couple’s lives. At times you hope they can work it out and other times you are like girl, I’d drop him/her like a dog. Or you may scream with compassion as you see their downward spiral thinking… if they only…

While this story can be taken as an entertaining, juicy tale about infidelity, the true message behind Divorcing Atlanta I think is about learning how to forgive. In the end forgiveness and healing are achieved in each of these couples somehow amongst the ashes of their broken marriages. Along with lessons learned, even second chances. Got to read this to find out how!


Rating 4/5 stars ****

About the Author

Timmothy B. McCann was born to tell stories. Lucky for him, the written and spoken word came easily. What started as charging other football players in his dorm to pen love letters for them, grew to his first national bestselling novel entitled Until. Through his words, he hopes to inspire others, change hearts and minds for the greater good, and give voice to the voiceless.

The former owner of a financial planning firm, is now a commercial real estate broker and E-publishing company owner in Atlanta and was a collegiate level football player and educator. He has combined his passions to live out his mission in real time with people of his community and beyond.

When the writing bug could no longer be ignored, the self-proclaimed political junkie, video game afficionado, golfer, and community activist followed his true passion. Since he first put pen to paper, he has amassed a voracious readership of devoted readers and has earned bestseller status.

​Timmothy founded First Day Christian Center in 2018, lives in Atlanta Georgia, is the father of two and grandfather of two as well.



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BOOK REVIEW: The Hiders in Darkness 2: The Great Forest by Paul Kocourek


Jack and Jill Long are fraternal twins hiking up a dormant volcano. A mysterious fog coming down the slope overtakes them, and they emerge in a strange hostile world not of Earth. They unavoidably get separated when a dragon-riding people capture Jack and order him to awaken a legendary goddess for whom they have waited for thousands of years, a goddess they call, She-Who-Cannot-Die. Problem is, you can't awaken a dead person, and they will kill him if he fails!

The dragon killed Jack, thought Jill. Without her brother, she felt trapped and alone in this hostile world. What can she do? In a chance meeting, a party of sword-and-armor warriors befriend her. However, destiny is inexorably moving Jill to meet the terror of the Hiders in Darkness.

“Like an elemental force, like the quaking of the land and the roar of the volcano, no man stands against the Nihaar, the Dread Hiders in Darkness.”


The Hiders in Darkness 2: The Great Forests returns us to the world out of time where monsters roam Fefn’la. This time around we are introduced to two new characters. The dynamic twin's Jack and Jill (yes, there is a running joke throughout the book on their names.) get swept into the mystical land of Fefn’la. Just like with Ron and Corey (who have a nice cameo in the book.) of the first book Jack and Jill are torn apart. Separated Jack finds himself with the tree-dwelling Tha’cardian’s who worship the mysterious She-Who-Cannot- Die and Jill with a group of traveling warriors and a soon-to-be reformed Saa Maa priest. They all soon reunite though to rise together to defeat the threat of the ever-rising cult religion of the land the Saa- Maa once again.


They say the squeal is always better and Kocourek does not disappoint. The Hiders in the Darkness takes you on an action-packed fantasy adventure. The new characters Jack and Jill are a thrill and fun to follow. The only downside is they are just too good at everything! Going into the magical Fefn’la only amps their skills more so that they are almost are bow down to worthy. Yet Kocourek fills them with humble humanness too. Stuck this strange volatile land it tests their faith as well as their will. Filled with fantasy adventure and a message of God's love The Hiders in Darkness 2: The Great Forests is an amazing read that you will be surprised you love!

My rating 4 out of 4 stars **** 



Paul has a background in computer programming and network administration and is an author of 3 books including The Hiders in the Darkness. For more information follow Paul on Goodreads and all his books.

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BOOK REVIEW: Living Strong with Cerebral Palsy by Amanda Forry-Fino


This is a redux of Cerebral Palsy Gal: A Novella. The new version is more heartfelt and touching, and I have used all my heart and soul into creating it, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoyed putting together.

Amanda was born with cerebral palsy due to the complications that occurred during her birth. In her autobiographical, she recounts the trauma she experienced as a youngster, enduring physical, mental, and emotional abuse from her family and coping with her father's cancer diagnosis at the age of 59. It was a chance meeting with the former US intelligence officer, Ronald Fino, his Russian-born wife, Alla, and their son that eventually saved Amanda, enabling her to pursue her lifetime dream, becoming a best-selling writer. Living Strong with Cerebral Palsy is an inspirational, heartwarming, and profoundly moving account of a young woman's life and struggles to discover her voice and develop her self-esteem to advocate for other people with severe disabilities.




While Living Strong with Cerebral Palsy is autobiographical it also tells the tale of human nature in general. Amanda was born with cerebral palsy. She is a disability advocate and fighter for cerebral palsy research. She opens up on her life telling us her pain and struggles on living with CP. As well as enlightening us too as she opens our eyes explaining to us why she fights so hard to raise awareness. You can tell this is her tale and no one else’s, but if she can maybe inspire or educate just one person her job is done.


We open up to a sweet forward from Ronald Fino her dad as the preface and Chapter 1 introduces us to Amanda and all she is. Chapter two starts her life story as her birth is a malpractice suit in plain sight. Sadly no one sees until Amanda is three and her family is told by a physical therapist that she has CP. Still, she goes on to display a loving lavished childhood, which once you get deeper into her story reveals an even deeper message of her story.


Amanda writes with innocence and fierceness that makes you want to turn every page as you watch her story go from triumph to tragedy to triumph again. I applaud her bravery and commend her for sharing her tale. Her story shows the power behind love and believing in someone how it can change their world.


My rating *****5 stars



Amanda Forry-Fino is a Disability Self Advocate, and an active member of the Training Alumni Association (T.A.A.)--an association of graduates of the Partners in Policymaking program. Along with the Youth Leadership Academy supported by the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities to facilitate grassroots advocacy.  She enjoys spending time walking with her mom and her dog Mila. While later watching a good film noir with her dad.


Thursday, March 18, 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Bounty Hunter: Book 4 The Council of Twelve Series by AJ Alexander


When Centriel roams the Earth in a dark mood and atypical despair, in a mountain clearing, far from humankind, he unexpectedly discovers a runner, followed by a petite hunter. The way the woman treats the giant fugitive amuses the Archangel, but he quickly learns that neither of them is what they seem to be.

 Simin Arnatt is an extraordinary woman. Her occupation as a Bounty Hunter takes her all over the world, as she follows her prey to the most unusual places. She would have never expected to meet the famous Centriel while on a hunt. When he offers to help her, she feels the enormous attraction, but she knows, with the secret she holds, she could never dare to hope for love.



Bounty Hunter is 4th book in ‘The Council of Twelve Series’ If you have not read the other three, I advise you do such. Especially if you happen to by chance start your introduction into the Council of Twelve Series with this book. It’s the perfect YA fantasy/ paranormal romance book that adults will gobble up as well. In Bounty Hunter, we meet Centriel the youngest Arch Angel in the Council of Twelve. A bit forlorn as the others have found their consorts or at least have a “someone” he decides to take a flight to clear his thoughts. He finds a clearing to land and rests on a rock only to stumble upon a scene as we meet Simin Arnatt a petite, but fierce bounty hunter with a secret. She bursts through with her prey and Centriel is stunned. Centriel steps in when her bounty the dangerously charming shadow demon Rapha Golden requests the Council of Twelve asylum. This very act throws Simin and Centriel into a fire that instantly ignites them in more ways than one.

Bounty Hunter is giddily delicious! So much fun to read! Alexander instantly welcomes you back into her luscious world with characters that are phenomenally created big or small. Alexander locks your eyes in at first sentence and you fall easily into her world and get lost. you do not want to put the book down.

Rating ***** (5 STARS)



A.J. is a fantasy author working on a paranormal romance series, called 'The Council Of Twelve' series, She has written short stories and poetry in the past. Some of her poems can be read on her blog 'Writer's Treasure Chest. 

In her rare free time, She is spending in extreme reading, excessive pool swimming, and playing monster-monopoly. Her strongest support system is my sister, most of her family, her friends, and her three cats.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Indie Film Review: The Crumbs (2020) Directed David J. Espinosa


Dr. Benjamin Crumb and his family run a Bed and Breakfast in the woods where the family performs experiments on unsuspecting guests.


Can a horror/thriller movie have a heart? The Crumbs is superbly entertaining and goes where I didn’t think a horror/thriller movie could go…AND it succeeds!

Directed by David J. Espinosa (who also plays Angel Valente) and written by Craig Ahrens (who does a cameo) and David J. Espinosa. The Crumbs is a bit like Resident Evil 7 video game storyline mixed with a bit of the Wrong Turn, then add a dash of the “feels” to it, yes, I said the feels!

We encounter Dr. Benjamin Crumb and his family who run a quaint B&B in the woods where not all checkout. But not before getting lab-tested by Dr. Benjamin Crumb with the aid of his family and helper Leonard. Don’t worry though they don’t waste the dead meat if you know what I mean. This is just the tip of the Crumbs dysfunction too. So, pray you have a reservation. The Crumbs family has a code of honor you know.

The Crumbs is a totally awesome film. I cannot stop raving! It keeps you glued to each juicy bit throughout flowing along seamlessly. Kudos to David Johnson on cinematography. I loved this one-shot where it looks like it’s a drone shot looking down over the forest as you see the transition of the night into day. This shot seems to of been done in real-time. Not sure if it was, but it was a standout shot for me.

The cast is so amazing, and as I mentioned you think you know where the plot is going, but then it takes you on shall I say a surprisingly…uh touching…um turn? So, the Crumbs may not be as sinister as you thought? Perhaps they are just misunderstood…well you need to watch to find out.

I rate The Crumbs 5 out of 5 stars  *****

Available to watch on Amazon PRIME

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INDIE FILM REVIEW: Psychopomp (2020) Writer/ Director: Arthur G. Reyes


Suffering amnesia after a mysterious accident, film director Archie Finch pieces together his life with the help of a seeming specter.


Psychopomp is an art-house style indie piece; thus, you have to kind of observe it through a different set of eyes. This is Indie, this is film art and passion, and low budget. Not top budget Hollywood. That being said  Psychopomp is a psychological/horror that, messes with your mind mentality film. If this is what director and writer Arthur Reyes was going for then Psychopomp totally works.

When we open, we meet Archie who we find is currently in psychological therapy. He suffers from amnesia after being in some form of an accident as well as being haunted by these odd dreams, which start to blend into his reality leaving the viewer not knowing what is Archie's real-life or his whacked-out dreams. That is until a pivotal moment where Archie does start to remember. In flashbacks, we learn the truth of what happened and the truth about Archie himself.

Throughout this though a TV or microwave head guy is roaming around hunting for Archie. Reyes (Director) does a great smooth blend of working him into Archie's life when he finally manages to catch Archie.

Acting-wise only two people stood out for me that I thought brought bright life to the film. That was Samantha Weller (Birdie) and Maria Olsen (Rita) who you might remember seeing as Mrs. Dodds/The Fury in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Paranormal Activity 3, American Horror Story, and Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem.

Weller retains the best line in the whole film I think, “I’m Free.” The way she delivered that line at that moment and the repercussion of the meaning behind that line too… it just gave me chills. I just think that was the best line in the whole film.

So, if psychological/horror acid tripping movies your thing? Check out Psychopomp.

My Rating **** (4 stars out of 5)


Thursday, October 8, 2020

BOOK REVIREW: Star Lass Princess from the Stars: by Paul Kocourek



… pursued by a killer AI created by super-science. Princess Lassandra, with the help of her guardian AI, took a chance—her only chance—on an untested theory for Teleportation. What she did not know was whether it would work at all or where it would send her.

Least of all did she expect to land on an unknown backward planet called Earth.

She and her AI discovered a freak side-effect of the Teleportation had gifted her with superhuman abilities!

Yet, the rogue AI, with a power beyond anything on Earth, successfully followed her intending to finish the assassination job, once and for all.



Star Lass explodes into action from the very first page. It is sci-fi fantasy golden it has all the key elements that make sci-fi fantasy..well sci-fi fantasy.

The only downer is the weird romance between Star Lass and her male earthling supporter, Dr. Steve Williams. It is a just little bit creepy culturally-accurate or not. Steve is produced as an aging man with thin graying hair I imagined 60's and Star Lass who is said to be 16 (and hot mind you.) Princess of the stars. The author tries to make the relationship rational with it being discovered that Star Lass is considerably older in earth years compared to her home planet. Yay, their romance is legal! No, it is still unpleasant to me. Plus, Star Lass and her AI companion Roby had more chemistry than she and Steve did. 

Roby the AI is actually the true star of the book. I adored the character. That aside I can see Star Lass having a nice cult following. It's fun, action-packed, with a hint of taboo. Even though it’s part sci-fi, it doesn’t hurt your brain with too much technobabble. It’s like a comic book without the picture.

My Rate *** (3 stars)


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Paul has a background in computer programming and network administration and is an author of 3 books including The Hiders in the Darkness. For more information follow Paul on Goodreads and all his books.