Monday, April 1, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Fifty Ways to Slay by Jerry Belitch

Fantasia Seele has always been naive, but nothing can prepare her for the day she meets notorious serial killer Tristan Shay. Tristan leads a disturbing lifestyle and has a dark past to go along with it. From the moment the two encounter one another, it's love at first sight, and the killer agrees to take Fantasia under his wing and introduce his new protege to his sick world. While learning more about her new man and the lifestyle he's created for himself, Fantasia soon finds they share the same violent tendencies, and bond over Tristan's preferred sexual method, necrophilia, becoming inseparable in the process.

A parody of the wildly popular Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Fifty Ways to Slay tells a twisted love story that proves no matter what your background, we can all be seduced by the dark side.


 If your loved Fifty Shades of Grey then you just might fall for Fifty Ways to Slay. Albeit being a darkly twisted parody on Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, think the Joker and Harley Quinn meet Fifty Shades of Grey and you kind of get what Fifty Ways to Slay is all about. Here we meet Fantasia (a not so virgin) who fills in for her bestie and fellow journalist friend “Kate”(sound familiar) to interview the infamous serial killer Tristan Shay. It is love at first sight and from there we are taken on a walk down a dark twisted BDSM romance tale that will make you cringe with intrigue. Soon will find yourself drawn in…and we like it.
While twisted and a bit disturbing this read is I cannot deny the overall superb writing. Beltich has your love at the first page just like Tristian and Fantasia. It has been a while I got totally lost in a book and Beltich does that.  A guilty pleasure read for sure.


Jerry Belitch is an author, satirist, and stand-up comedian who spends his time juggling a variety of projects including books, music, and film. His latest releases are the singles “I Just Want to Give You Pleasure,” a parody of Zayn's “I Don't Want to Live Forever,” ft. Taylor Swift, “Poser,” a parody of The Chainsmokers' “Closer,” ft. Halsey, and the EP Intention, which features parodies of Justin Bieber, OMI, Walk The Moon, and Flo Rida. All music is available on iTunes. Population: One, a satire of the 2008 presidential election, was also published in 2012. Visit his website, for more information and to sign up for his newsletter. 
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