Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Book Review: Adalindis: A Tale of Generosity by Isabella Berdyna Zysk

Adalindis, A Tale of Generosity, is a historical fantasy set in a medieval-like kingdom called Adri. Blending adventure and romance, it tells the tale of two people, a young noblewoman and a common-born captain of the palace guards, who meet under circumstances which foster misunderstanding. 

In the process of coming to know each other better, he learns that she has a generous spirit which touches the lives of many, and she learns that he has innate abilities of leadership and a pure heart.



I never wished for two characters to get together so much!  Adalindis is an adorable tale! Told from his/ her perspectives, we meet Adalindis or Lindy an unconventional countess who is set to be presented to the King and Queen marking her open for courting. We then meet Kenric a stoic guard of the King and Queen’s palace guards. An orphan he takes his responsibilities very seriously. When the light appears in an area of the castle that should be closed, Kenric investigates stumbling upon Lindy a who to him is a very unorthodox young lady of nobility in only that she is a kind, generous, and strong thinking woman. Further, various encounters with Lindy’s generosity and strong will make him create an ill, wild picture of her. When Lindy’s Father, Lord Morris sends for him to inquire if he would wish to be a Castellan for him and was referred to by Lindy herself, and reveals to Kenric who Lindy truly is Kenric sees he was very mistaken about her. Kenric accepts the offer and when Lindy’s generous kind heart back at the castle puts them in danger, feelings always get put in perspective.

 Adalindis, A Tale of Generosity is wonderful! I totally loved this story! Lindy and Kenric are such strong characters. They are considerably written, you get who they are in an instant, and love them! If you are looking for a book to bring a smile to your face Adalindis will do just that. It is pretty much what Zysk’s books do, which is why she is such a delight to read. When I am tired of the heavy stuff, I only pluck up a Zysk’s book and she hands you a smile of hope, romanticism, and chivalry in a time far away.


Isabella Berdyna Zysk is a self-published author who enjoys a story in which good guys win in the end, even if there's a struggle along the way which all don't survive. She's a storyteller at heart and keeps the narrative suitable for both adult and young adult readers. She loves a medieval-like setting in fantasy worlds where knightly chivalry and noble valor are the goal but with access to better hygiene.


Isabella Berdyna Zysk was born in Michigan, raised in southern California and central Virginia, worked and lived in several states and foreign countries, and now resides in Florida where she enjoys retirement. 

Her interests include the writings of Jane Austen and William Shakespeare, horses, trees, sustainable farming, and art.

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