Wednesday, April 18, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Dear Tarquin By Dan Heiser

 Louis has had a good life, an exciting life. Now as his life comes to an end, he is ready to share it with his eldest son, Tarquin. Louis writes to his son about his experiences during the Second World War, a story he wanted to keep to himself forever. Now as he is dying he is ready to share. Take a journey with an old man as he recalls the past and shares his hopes, dreams, and fears as a young soldier in the United States Army.

Dear Tarquin is the retelling of the events of D-Day to shortly after the events of VE Day told from the memories of an old man writing his story to his oldest son. Return to World War II with an old man as he retells his story as a young US Army Soldier.



As novice history lover I have to say Dear Tarquin is beautiful! A book has not affected my soul like this in a long time. I believe it is intolerable to imagine what these soldiers went through, but Heiser with his wring prowess does fantastically! He clasps your hand vividly dragging you down into the cold dirty ditches of war with our lead character Louis as he shares his story with his oldest son.

Dear Tarquin is breathtakingly written. Only the switching from 1st person to 3rd person is the only downside to this book. As a reader, it was kind of bothersome. In the end, though it did not take away from the story itself.  All hail our veterans who fought for freedom in this land.

My rating *****(5 stars)



Dan Heiser is an author of historical fiction focusing on the early-mid 20th century. His previous titles include These Four Days (about the Titanic), Where I've Been (First World War),  and It Begins in Rye(first book in a six book series on World War II). A recent graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor's in Game Design he currently attends Norwich University to get his Masters in History. If he is not writing he is spending more time with family and friends.

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