Monday, December 21, 2020

INDIE FILM REVIEW: Psychopomp (2020) Writer/ Director: Arthur G. Reyes


Suffering amnesia after a mysterious accident, film director Archie Finch pieces together his life with the help of a seeming specter.


Psychopomp is an art-house style indie piece; thus, you have to kind of observe it through a different set of eyes. This is Indie, this is film art and passion, and low budget. Not top budget Hollywood. That being said  Psychopomp is a psychological/horror that, messes with your mind mentality film. If this is what director and writer Arthur Reyes was going for then Psychopomp totally works.

When we open, we meet Archie who we find is currently in psychological therapy. He suffers from amnesia after being in some form of an accident as well as being haunted by these odd dreams, which start to blend into his reality leaving the viewer not knowing what is Archie's real-life or his whacked-out dreams. That is until a pivotal moment where Archie does start to remember. In flashbacks, we learn the truth of what happened and the truth about Archie himself.

Throughout this though a TV or microwave head guy is roaming around hunting for Archie. Reyes (Director) does a great smooth blend of working him into Archie's life when he finally manages to catch Archie.

Acting-wise only two people stood out for me that I thought brought bright life to the film. That was Samantha Weller (Birdie) and Maria Olsen (Rita) who you might remember seeing as Mrs. Dodds/The Fury in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Paranormal Activity 3, American Horror Story, and Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem.

Weller retains the best line in the whole film I think, “I’m Free.” The way she delivered that line at that moment and the repercussion of the meaning behind that line too… it just gave me chills. I just think that was the best line in the whole film.

So, if psychological/horror acid tripping movies your thing? Check out Psychopomp.

My Rating **** (4 stars out of 5)


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