Friday, August 17, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Beautiful Minds: True Tales of Monumental Careers by Jackie Goldman

Beautiful Minds" is a compilation of six ghostwritten narratives featuring New Yorkers who make a positive contribution to our bustling city. The book is the first in a series, intended to serve as a bridge-building endeavor, which encourages people to look beyond the sea of anonymous faces, they pass every day, and realize that everyone has a special story to tell; some insight and wisdom to offer.

Each chapter reads like a short story, told in the subject's voice, about their life and experiences, and where they are now. Through reading them, we come to appreciate the formative experiences in each person's life, which led them on the path they are on now.

                          AVAILABLE ON AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE


Beautiful Minds is a welcoming read. In looking for something inspiring to read I stumbled across a copy. It is a nicely written piece, as Goldman warmly sets you up to meet six New Yorkers who are pursuing their passions. Each one sharing their inspiring tale of how they found their passion. Took the risk on that passion to pursue it which leads them all to the fabulous New York City.
 I found the book sweet and lovely. I loved each tale. I could completely relate to each person knowing their passion, their drive all too well. If you are looking for something simple and inspiring (I actually wish Goldman had made the book longer.) I recommend Beautiful Minds.


Jackie Goldman is a writer and ghostwriter living in Brooklyn, New York. Her previous works include "Flat Earth Theory," and "El Pombero." You can visit her online at

Also find her @ Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

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