Sunday, August 5, 2018

Book Review: Brand Psycho: The Hidden Psychology of Brands by Max Jakob Lusensky

Jungian psychoanalyst and former brand director, Max Jakob Lusensky articulates Carl Gustav Jung’s view, that the more we project our desires externally, the greater the impoverishment of our inner selves. He makes us aware of the subconscious ‘dreams’ that are lived out through brands today. A process where we ‘outsource’ emotional needs to the brands of the marketplace.

The danger can be prevented through a process he terms de:branding: the becoming conscious of the unconscious desires we project onto brands. The book is an invitation to disenchant the magical brands of the marketplace that the Madmen of Madison Avenue and the Magicians of Silicon Valley have worked so diligently to spin for us.

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Mind-blowing. This book is psychotic! I mean that in a good way. Lusensky blows open your mind to how brands have penetrated into our minds seducing us to them. Lusensky writes a mind-numbing piece using Carl Jung’s psychology to help express the mind seducing action many brands have used to sway us to buy their product. Fortunately, he also includes how to de: brand ourselves to see the true messages behind these sly brands.

Lusensky take a topic most would find boring, but manages to do in a wickedly engaging way. His writing is a bit all over the place, but when I say that it's in a GOOD WAY. I mean, how else are you going to get the mind-numbing masses today to even think outside of the box that they are in. Lusensky educates you in such a psychedelic way you don't even know you are learning! Or knew our brains were being planned by these brand names. I do recommend you take a journey down Lusensky's Brand Psycho rabbit hole.

*****(5 stars)


A former brand director/ DJ turned psychoanalyst Lusensky has always been interested in the human psychology and the underlying powers which stir our emotions.

In his first book Sounds like Branding explored the phenomenon of music as a part of the modern-day brand building. Lusensky currently has a psychoanalyst private practice in Berlin and still sometimes DJ’s

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