Wednesday, April 21, 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Divorcing Atlanta by Pastor Timmothy B. McCann


In this moving family saga—set during the world-shattering impact of a global pandemic—two marriages and four people destined for greatness will falter and no one will be left unscathed in their pursuit to find a love of their own.”

Newlyweds, Lorenzo and Elizabeth Richardson stands at the precipice of seeing their dreams become a reality. The enigmatic orator from Chicago is poised to change lives with his plan to build an inner-city ministry, while his brilliant new bride has her sights set on the hallowed halls of Congress. But behind what looks like a blessed life lurks a life-long secret—one that tests their perfect union, and pushes one of them to do the unthinkable.

Congressman Anderson Banks and his adoring wife Tabitha is an emerging Beltway royalty. The interracial movers and shakers bask in the glow of D.C. politics, but behind the scenes, a truth buried from the world seeks to be revealed and threatens to shatter their perfectly crafted fa├žade and destroy any hope for a presidential run.

Follow these seemingly perfect couples as they play their roles publicly, but privately buckle under the unrelenting pressure, long-held secrets, complicated realities, political influence, societal expectations, and the economic and social fallout from a global pandemic. 

Divorcing Atlanta powerfully exposes the raw emotions brought to life by the excruciating pain of divorce and the strain of trying to lead a real life in—and out of the limelight. This moving and timely accounts will resonate with readers who believe in redemption, choose love and hope over hate and fear, and fight for what truly matters in life.

AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON (Kindle) Paperback April 23rd


Divorcing Atlanta is two tales about two couples that tragically intertwine. Told in a kind of like a therapy session way as each person gets their spotlight and tells his/her engrossing tale all set in our current times.

Pastor Lorenzo Richardson is a young inspiring, charismatic pastor with a growing church along with his wife the “First Lady” Elizabeth Collins Richardson. Who is a prominent lawyer with thoughts of tossing her hat into the political ring.

Lorenzo’s passions and pressures are of helping to counsel others and keeping up his church that is starting to have financial trouble. Add in Lorenzo’s and Elizabeth’s haunted past it all starts to take a toll on this newlywedded couple.

Tabitha and Anderson Banks seem to have it all. Devoted to her husband 110% Anderson, a well-loved congressman with thoughts of running for the presidency looming on the horizon. Tabitha said she knew Anderson was a liar the moment she met him, but he was her lair. Lies destroy, and when it gets discovered Anderson's best-selling book could be a lie all the lies then come creeping out. Anderson said he wouldn’t stray again.

From the title, you know Divorcing Atlanta is about divorce and relationships. Reading it though you get drawn into these couple’s lives. At times you hope they can work it out and other times you are like girl, I’d drop him/her like a dog. Or you may scream with compassion as you see their downward spiral thinking… if they only…

While this story can be taken as an entertaining, juicy tale about infidelity, the true message behind Divorcing Atlanta I think is about learning how to forgive. In the end forgiveness and healing are achieved in each of these couples somehow amongst the ashes of their broken marriages. Along with lessons learned, even second chances. Got to read this to find out how!


Rating 4/5 stars ****

About the Author

Timmothy B. McCann was born to tell stories. Lucky for him, the written and spoken word came easily. What started as charging other football players in his dorm to pen love letters for them, grew to his first national bestselling novel entitled Until. Through his words, he hopes to inspire others, change hearts and minds for the greater good, and give voice to the voiceless.

The former owner of a financial planning firm, is now a commercial real estate broker and E-publishing company owner in Atlanta and was a collegiate level football player and educator. He has combined his passions to live out his mission in real time with people of his community and beyond.

When the writing bug could no longer be ignored, the self-proclaimed political junkie, video game afficionado, golfer, and community activist followed his true passion. Since he first put pen to paper, he has amassed a voracious readership of devoted readers and has earned bestseller status.

​Timmothy founded First Day Christian Center in 2018, lives in Atlanta Georgia, is the father of two and grandfather of two as well.



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